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about me our misson and our team

Natasha Rosetta Joseph

Founding Principal and Artistic Director


Welcome to The Rose Arts London. My name is Natasha Rosetta Joseph and I am the Founder, Managing Director and Principal here at T.R.A.L. part time school of Dance and Drama.  I am a Wife, Mother and a professionally trained performer who also has a passion for choreographing, writing and directing too.

My experience in Musical Theatre, Tap and Stage Performance began from training with Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, which I started from the age of two, succeeding with various stage shows and television appearances with a LAMDA qualification.

Following from this, I was able to gain further qualifications and training at The College of Technology and Performing Arts in Choreography and Performing Arts , whilst engaging ongoing technique and practice in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Jazz at Pineapple.

To succeed a stability in my career, I was blessed and able to pursue Higher Education at University, where i received an unconditional offer upon my entry and obtained my degree in Dance Practice and Performance.

During my years of training, I taught and choreographed dance and drama in the community and churches, alongside professional bookings, teaching workshops, theatre productions and collaborations.

This gave the opportunity to delve into performing dance and drama as a platform within the Church, combining local and national projects choreographing and ministering through liturgical, flag and drama.

As a performer I have been fortunate to be able to play an array of roles; Lead, supporting lead, ensemble, principal dancer and chorus in theatre productions, music videos, dance tours, select company group drama and dance performances nationally, webseries and short films productions, alongside being a principal ensemble in the West End; Her Majesty’s Theatre, Brighton Centre; capacity of 4,500, Bethel Convention Centre and supporting cast member in the feature film; Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone.

The Rose Arts London is a childhood dream of mine and was created in remembrance to my Grandfather Charles Alexander Gardner and an ode to my Family.

T.R.A.L. is a place for all Rose Students to discover, train, explore, create, challenge and motivate what they learn here and to ignite their passion, of why dance, drama, sport and song is such an amazing artistic outlet, which not only teaches creativity and utilises talent but also discipline. The role of the arts builds character and self-esteem and at The Rose Arts London, one of the assets that I hold as an important part, is the family friendly atmosphere.

This delivers a guarantee from us, that our space is a positive and productive learning environment, where our students can grow, most importantly learn, and create in an energetic, confident building atmosphere, where students are able to discover more about themselves artistically, gain new friends and be proud to be a part of The Rose Arts.

Myself and our teachers, who have work(ed) within the industry, aim to make The Rose Arts a success with the passion we hold and with which, our goal is to impart our experiences, knowledge and love of the arts to our students.

I have been blessed to be able to open a school, attended by such passionate students, to be able to witness how they will develop in years to come.

For whatever reason you decided to take a leap with us, whether it to be a creative outlet, confidence builder, opportunity to meet new people, train to become a professional or all the above – I expect all to work hard, train hard, practice, be respectful, be challenged, but most importantly enjoy every moment of the journey.

Mrs. Natasha

About The Company

The Rose Arts

“A Rose is a representation of Diversity, of all the different colours, sizes and stems. A Rose, rises, a Rose blooms but most importantly they grow.” – Natasha Rosetta Joseph

Meet Our amazing Team

The Rose Arts London Team, is comprised of individuals who embody the value of the arts. Professional and passionate individuals who are dedicated to furthering the art of dance, drama and song to incredible young artists that join our school.

T.R.A.L. tutors excel and evoke enthusiasm and encouragement providing advice energy and assistance through implementing their talents, experience, passion and knowledge towards all students. Our TRAL principles are to execute their talents, passion and experience towards the embrace of The Arts, focusing on our fundamentals of Education, Diversity, Creativity and Growth.