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Ballet is the foundation to dance as it teaches the fundamentals to correct posture, body alignment, positioning, weight transfer, foot work, timing, strength and endurance.

Although it looks graceful, the body is being challenged at all times. At The Rose Arts London, we want to share the importance of this foundation from a young age and encourage boys and girls, that ballet can be enjoyable as we allow time for self expression through creativity, as well as learning dance discipline through the Ballet foundation including: positioning, terminology, posture, barre, floor, centre work, jumps, travel and more.



In one hour, our nurture students will learn the foundations of:

Ballet – Positioning, terminology, posture, building muscle strength and memory as well as timing and team work.

Acro – Floor tumbling, jumps, turns, rolls, leaps, building strength, flexibility and learning how to practice safely and correctly.

Musical Theatre – Story time alongside introduction of musical theatre involving singing, acting, musicality and most importantly fun!


Lyrical Contemporary dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique with the release and fluidity of contemporary to expressive, emotional choreography, focusing on the narrative and the space it takes to express the concept.

The Rose Arts London strive to connect our students through their mind and body, by partnering the Lyrical Contemporary technique this will inspire and motivate artistry and creativity amongst all students.


Street Dance is a popular genre for dancers, focusing on learning the latest moves, energy, musicality, rhythm and expression.

A style danced to commercial and hip hop music, providing a beat to your balance. The Rose Arts London provides the opportunity for all students to develop, create and experiment within this class and learn foundations from breakdance, funk, popping, locking, choreographed upbeat routines and more!


The Rose Arts London Musical Theatre classes provides  our students with an all-round training in the essential elements of acting, singing and dancing.

All students are able to explore, build up confidence and repertoire, through group work,  solo opportunities, script and scene study, allowing them to gain understanding, to perform.

This fun and performance disciplined class, provides an opportunity for all students to develop their skills, creativity and presence.


Capoeira is one of the worlds most whole artforms infusing dance, music, acrobatics, martial arts, culture and gameplay.

Capoeira is most of all good FUN! It also teaches:

  • Flexibility of body and mind
  • Confidence
  • Self Defense
  • Co-ordination
  • Discipline in a playful manners, as well as some really cool moves!

There are many opportunities in the future to take part in our inter-school championship, grading and perform at events.


“The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is one of the UK’s oldest drama schools and is an established centre of excellence in performance training. As the UK’s largest speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA has an outstanding global reputation”.

LAMDA preparation allows all students to utilise their creative thinking, refine artistry and technique whilst developing communication skills. Through participating in LAMDA,  confidence and self esteem grows and gives our students the opportunity to obtain UCAS points towards University.

The benefits for our  students they develop an appreciation of literature, poetry, drama and song, acknowledge efforts and achievements through guidance.


A Ballet Barre inspired class for all abilities with a full body work out through repetition, isolation, endurance and drills to classic instrumental and modern music. All adult students have the opportunity to participate in our in-house and public performances.


The Rose Arts London Body Conditioning and Technique Drill class, is a time to challenge, sweat and show pure determination to increase strength, conditioning and flexibility to improve ones self – as a dancer, performer and to simply improve their lifestyle. This class is achieved through repetition, endurance and technique drills. One hundred percent of willingness from each student is expected as well as team work and encouragement.

We strongly encourage and advise all students to participate in this class as these classes provide the opportunity for all to grow and will them to be the best dancer / performer they can be!

Stretching and Conditioning aids a dancer’s flexibility and range of motion along with control, alignment, strength, balance and placement.

As our primary focus is designed for conditioning and technique, our students have the opportunity to work year round strengthening their ‘instrument and improving flexibility. Since our body conditioning, acro, stretching technique class do not have an end of term performance piece, dancers do not get distracted with remembering choreography and can continually push their bodies and grow as performers.


Rise and Shine with The Rose Arts London for a chance to play, explore and create through ballet, instrument fun, parachute and songs.

All mummies and daddies, guardians and childminders, can relax, have a cup of coffee and slice of cake whilst your little one is participating.

This class can be co-joined with Sow & Grow Drama Movement


Rise and Shine with The Rose Arts London for a chance to play, explore and create through drama movement, storytelling, creative play, parachute and songs.

All mummies and daddies, guardians and childminders, can relax, have a cup of coffee and slice of cake whilst your little one is learning and playing.

This class can be co-joined with Sow & Grow Ballet



What makes you tick as an actor?

Discover, Create, Learn and Grow from The Rose Arts London Professional Acting Program, taught by Industry Professional Stacha Hicks, on how to develop as a screen actor.

This program provides intensive actors training, aiding actors to develop their skills independently whilst tapping into their creativity.

The Rose Arts London Acting for Screen program, focuses on a range of methods including Text, Audition Technique, Monologues, Scene Study, Improvisation, Voice, Emotion, Script Preparation and more.

Our aim is to push and challenge each actor, with the ability to obtain truth and create believable portrayals of character, through exploration, awareness and identifying placements between the visual medium and the actor themselves.


Cheerleading, creates an amazing enhanced team spirit. Contrary to the belief that this dance form focuses on a  sideline of chants and pom poms (which all children love!) The benefits of cheerleading are vast and has a primary focus of Fitness, Strength & Flexibility,developing body awareness, co-ordination and musicality. Alongside this, confidence is improved, relationships are built and team work flourishes whilst learning, Stunts, POM POM choreography and Discipline.

Cheerleading can become a frequent competitive activity once  pupils have reached a certain level of mastery of the required skill.

As we work through the stages the important thing for us at The Rose Arts London is our students enjoy themselves and that each session is engaging, rewarding and prepare a foundation for complicated skills such as lifts, stunts and tumbling. Stunts and tumbling skills are introduced as all students progress and  develop body-awareness and understanding of floor skills has been introduced.

Our aim is for our students to complete 1 – 3 routines per year of various levels and skills learnt and progressed, with the aim to perform them at local events, in house and public performances, display day and watching week.


The Rose Arts London Acrobatics Class is a Gymnastic Discipline consisting of acrobatics, ribbon dance and tumbling.

Throughout the term, we work on individual targets and work towards The Rose Arts Award Certificate of Achievement – Bronze, Silver and Gold Level 1 and 2 in Acrobatics

This session focuses on flexibility, strength, core, endurance, correct positioning, working on improving, balances, tricks, partner work and most importantly technique – Cartwheels, Handstands, Aerial, Limbering, Back Hand Springs and more!

It is our aim to challenge the students and encourage a fun, inspirational environment as well as ensuring safe practice.

Our Acrobatics session can become a frequent performance showcase and competitive activity once our students have reached a certain level of mastery of the required skill – which takes time!

As we work through the stages, the important thing for us at The Rose Arts London, is our students enjoy themselves and that each session is engaging, rewarding and they gain understanding through every movement taught.

We would like all students to display their talents, and to keep attending classes knowing they have to train hard and attend classes until the end of the year to receive the best results – be committed, patient and results will come!

We are offering two acro focused classes for 3-5 years and 6-9 years


A high energetic class that makes fitness fun. This class provides the opportunity for all to gain confidence, muscle strength and tone whilst working at your own pace and achieving your personal goals with our stamina building dance cardio workout, followed by some body conditioning.

Our sessions lead you, to a new style of dance whether it be ballet, jazz, street or even African contemporary!

A dance fitness class that will inspire and let you live in the movement.