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The Rose Adults is structured into 2 different categories:

Dance & Drama.


Our Dance session provides the opportunity to participate in our upcoming weekly classes, once to twice a week, consisting of a high, intensity jazz, contemporary and ballet barre class, with another option of a relaxing, unwind of Yoga and Pilates.

These sessions are to offer access, for those who want to have fun and fitness or want to train within this profession.


Our Professional Acting Program, designed as a class of discovery and exploration of what makes actors ‘tick’. We assist actors in developing their craft and creativity by working through technique, emotion, awareness and more, in an intimate group, set as a monthly workshop.

Acting Technique


Creativity and Development

Enjoyment and Growth


Script and Sight Reading

Industry Knowledge and Preparation

Intensive Workshops

Adult Taster Session Form
If you would like to participate in a taster session, please fill out the details below.
Please select which class/es you are interested in taking.
I understand that participating in The Rose Arts London Taster Session, I am to treat teachers and all other individuals with respect, take care of property and equipment and will arrive with requested dress code attire. I understand the school encourages all to be supportive and friendly to one another and focuses on hard work and commitment. I understand the taster session fees should be paid on time and is non-refundable and on the taster session day that media, may be captured by members of The Rose Arts London team to publicise the school activities on social media website and/or other outlets/
Many Thanks for your time and support and we look forward to welcoming you to Th Rose Arts London 'Where Art Is Made'