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Working on M.A.N. Has been such an inspiring and empowering journey. From the first table read I felt how powerful and relevant the script was. Natasha Rosetta Joseph is an absolute blessing to work with. A strong woman of many talents, from writing, directing, acting and producing! She passionately encouraged us throughout the whole process, pulling out the best she knew we had within us. Rehearsals were physically and emotionally compelling, enabling us to really connect with one another as a cast, to truly embody our characters and their relationships. Thank you so much again Natasha, for bringing me on board such an amazing project and all the hard work you’ve put into it all. I also want to thank the whole cast/family, crew and our lovely hair and make up ladies who ensured we were all looking fabulous and dapper, love you guys! Words can’t describe how excited I am for the world to see it all. I am positive it will resonate with a lot of people. – Sharon Oji

It’s a brilliant dance school. My daughter absolutely loves it there – Kelly Ingram

Last night was my first visit to The Rose Arts which is a drama and dance school for children and adults. I am so impressed by the amazing teachers and organisers they have. I am really excited about this and look forward to next weeks session already. Very professional and supportive – Leah Kimuyu

I am so grateful to have been able to engage in such a deep and meaningful project. The conversations and messages that Natasha was able to bring to the table through her heartfelt script not only touched me on both a personal and professional level, but I also my fellow crew members. I commend her for both her bravery and diligence in the execution of this venture.

From rehearsals to shoot day, Natasha calmly provided myself and my fellow actors with guidance and instilled us with confidence. Through her loving and patient demeanor she adapted her mannerisms to accommodate to our individual learning styles and personalities, whilst taking care to ensure that we all grew as unit. In hindsight I believe it be the central factor which contributed to the family like unity which has developed among the M.A.N crew members and I am deeply regretful that this project has come to an end so quickly. Finding a director who is genuinely as engaged as she is with both the actors and the meaning behind a script is a rarity. – Jakk GeraRd 

My little miss has so much fun and she’s doing so well, it’s all she talks about. Best thing I did, love it! – Sarah Bristow Lewis

I feel truly honoured to have worked on M.A.N with an incredible fellow cast and crew. When i first met Natasha at my audition, her desire to create a wonderful piece of work shone through and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. Throughout the rehearsal process, we worked on discovering the back story of our characters and how this could compliment our vision for the film. The time spent in rehearsals also developed the working relationships within the cast and I certainly feel that we have now come away as a family. The weekend that was devoted to our filming was such a fun few days! Natasha gave us the freedom to bring our own creativity to the scenes and the work created as a result, I believe is truly worthy of industry recognition. I am so excited to see where this project will lead and I would certainly recommend any actor to work alongside Natasha and her wonderful company, The Rose Arts London. – Rosie Hancock
My daughter has been attending a few weeks now and they have made her feel so welcome and most importantly, my daughter is having fun and learning. I would recommend. – Varonne Reynolds
Working with Natasha and The Rose Arts London was truly a great experience. Natasha gave me a opportunity to showcase my talents, meet some amazing people and be apart of a truly captivating short film. She made us all dig deep into our characters and got the best out of us by keeping us motivated and inspired through the journey of creating M.A.N. I truly enjoyed working with Natasha and look forward to working with her again. – Marlon Stewart
Matilda has been attending Rose Arts London for seven months and she loves it. She has attended gymnastic clubs and dance schools for the past four years, but I get the feeling that she really feels, she has found her tribe here. Mrs Natasha is both an inspiration and a backbone-she pushes her students to be the best they can be, and they are happy to strive for that knowing if they give their best, she will be happy with them. There’s a creative buzz about the classes that you only get when children feel confident in pushing themselves to their very limit, knowing it’s a safe space to take creative risks, some of which will come off, some of which might not, but that’s the joy of working on the edge. It’s a great school and a lot of fun too.- Vicki Wharton